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At The Law Office of Robert Castro, we have defended thousands of clients in criminal cases, handling everything from misdemeanor drug cases to felony assault accusations. We fight for clients in traffic cases, and our courtroom-tested defenders are prepared to battle the toughest felony charges. As we are backed by decades of proven victories and client recommendations, you can rely on our Charles County criminal defense lawyers no matter what criminal allegations you face. We realize what is at stake for you, and we know how to aggressively protect your interests, your rights, and your future. Our Waldorf criminal attorney is familiar with local courts, prosecutors, and the strategies available to you under Maryland law, and we are prepared to leverage our decades of insight to help you keep your permanent record clear of a criminal conviction. Please don’t hesitate to learn how we can put our more than 20 years of criminal defense experience to work for you.



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    In any criminal trial, the defendant has the right to confront (cross-examine) the witnesses against them. One way that courts protect this right is by excluding the admission of any hearsay testimony. Hearsay refers to any out-of-court statement meant to prove the truth of the matter asserted. For example, if a witness testified in court […]

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  • What is a Batson Challenge?

    Before a criminal trial begins, the prosecution and the defense are allowed to question potential jurors before they are seated. The purpose of jury selection is to screen out any biases that might compromise a juror’s ability to render a fair and impartial verdict. Either side may challenge a juror “for cause,” meaning they fail […]

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  • How Long Can a Person be Deemed Mentally Incompetent to Stand Trial?

    There are situations in which a person accused of a crime is considered “incompetent to stand trial” (IST). When a defendant’s mental competency is at issue, the trial court is required to conduct a hearing. If the court finds a defendant IST, the judge can release the defendant or order civil commitment to a mental […]

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