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At The Law Office of Robert Castro, we have defended thousands of clients in criminal cases, handling everything from misdemeanor drug cases to felony assault accusations. We fight for clients in traffic cases, and our courtroom-tested defenders are prepared to battle the toughest felony charges. As we are backed by decades of proven victories and client recommendations, you can rely on our Charles County criminal defense lawyers no matter what criminal allegations you face. We realize what is at stake for you, and we know how to aggressively protect your interests, your rights, and your future. Our Waldorf criminal attorney is familiar with local courts, prosecutors, and the strategies available to you under Maryland law, and we are prepared to leverage our decades of insight to help you keep your permanent record clear of a criminal conviction. Please don’t hesitate to learn how we can put our more than 20 years of criminal defense experience to work for you.


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  • Alec Baldwin Case Lessons: Your Charges CAN Be Dismissed if Prosecutors Fail to Turn Over Exculpatory Evidence

    In Maryland, if the police uncover evidence that tends to prove a criminal defendant innocent, the police have a legal duty to turn that evidence over to the criminal defense teams. This duty also applies to government prosecutors. That is, even if the evidence “hurts their case,” police and prosecutors MUST turn over that evidence […]

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  • Maryland Criminal Defense: Can I Still Appeal My Conviction if the Notice of Appeal is Filed Late?

    Maybe. In Maryland, if you are convicted of a crime, you have a right to appeal your conviction. To begin the appeal process, a defendant must file something called a Notice of Appeal WITHIN 30 DAYS of the court’s “final order.” The Maryland criminal court’s final order is often the court’s sentencing order. But, during […]

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  • Maryland Criminal Defense: Can My Conviction Be Overturned Because of a Court Reporter’s Error?

    Yes, although the circumstances will be rare where a court reporter’s error would justify overturning a conviction. This recently happened in the Maryland unreported case of Christian v. State (Md. Appellate Court 2024). In Christian, the court reporter in question inaccurately transcribed one of the jury instructions, cutting and pasting into the transcript a jury […]

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