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What to Expect After You are Arrested in Maryland

If you have been arrested for an alleged crime in Maryland, you are likely confused about what happens next and how to ensure you present the best case possible. Depending on what law enforcement agency arrests you, you may be transported to the sheriff’s office or a local police station.

If your case is one that requires bail to be set, then you will visit the Commissioner’s Office for your bail interview, or you may even be held until you can have a bail hearing in front of a District Court Judge. If it is a very minor charge, the officer may release you at the scene with documentation. Either way, to ensure your rights are protected, you need to speak with aCharles County criminal defense attorney right away.

Do Not Try to Talk Your Way Out of it

Some people get themselves into more trouble by attempting to talk their way out of an arrest. This can result in you saying something that can be used against you at a later time. The arresting officers will read you your Miranda rights when you are being arrested, which includes the statement that you have the right to remain silent. This is a protection under the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. If you do not talk, it makes the prosecuting agency work harder to build their case. Most people understand that they have the right to remain silent, they just fail to exercise their rights.

When can You Request an Attorney?

The sooner you request an attorney, the better. You can demand an attorney immediately even if you are still just a suspect and have not been arrested. You may not receive access to one instantly, but it means you preserve your rights under the Sixth Amendment. You need to be clear in your demand as well to trigger the constitutional protection. It cannot be something vague, like asking whether or not you need an attorney. Instead, you need to state clearly that you want an attorney right now. You can expect that law enforcement will not respond favorably to your statement as it makes their job harder, but you have every right to ask for legal counsel.

Having an attorney in mind already is helpful because you can call our office at any time of day or night. If you are asking for a public defender, you are not going to see them picking up the phone if you call in the middle of the night. If the officers do not let you call an attorney yourself, it could create additional problems for them if the case proceeds.

What Will Happen if I am Released on Bail?

You should be given documentation regarding your charges upon release. There should also be some information on what the terms of your release are. Are you required to report back to court on a certain date? Do you have to stay within a certain area? Unfortunately, some people are not given the full documentation they need. This is why having a Maryland criminal defense attorney representing you is so important. Imagine inadvertently breaking the terms of your bail agreement. It could create additional problems for your pending case.

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