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What to Wear to Your Maryland Criminal Trial

You may not think that your appearance is an important part of your defense when you are facing criminal charges, but the image you portray in the courtroom can go a long way with a jury and/or judge. When you retain a Maryland criminal defense attorney to prepare your case, he or she will go over all the details, including suggestions on what to wear to your hearing.

Court is a serious occasion; it does not matter whether you are the defendant, a witness, or even there to support someone who is. However, as the defendant, all eyes are on you. If you do not testify on your behalf, the jury will only have your appearance and demeanor as a frame of reference for your character.

To help prepare you for your criminal trial, here are some helpful tips on how to look your best and carry yourself in court.

Dress Code Tips for Men

The best option for men is to wear a suit that fits well. If you do not have one or access to purchase one, at least opt for nice dress slacks or khaki pants paired with a button-down shirt. It is the most professional option and will send the message that you are taking the process as seriously as you should.

Whatever you want to wear, opt for darker colors. Navy blue and dark grey are two of the best colors to consider. If you wear a tie, keep it simple and conservative.

Dress Code Tips for Women

Women should opt to be conservative as well and dress modestly. Pant suits, dresses, and skirts with blouses will work best. Stick to traditional colors and keep flashy prints and patterns at home. You should avoid overly-tight clothing or anything that is very short or too revealing. Skip the heavy makeup and leave your jewelry behind.

If you wear bright and bold colors, you will stand out more, not blend in. The object is to look professional and not draw attention to yourself.

Trips for Both Men and Women

If you have tattoos, you should try to cover up as many of them as possible. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry of any kind. If you have body piercings, remove them for the trial if possible. You want to avoid anything that will draw additional attention to yourself or give the jury an opportunity to form a negative opinion of you based solely on your appearance.

The list of what you should not wear is obviously longer than what you should wear. These items include:

  • No jeans, especially ones with holes
  • No sandals or sneakers
  • No t-shirts
  • No work-style boots
  • No shorts
  • No wrinkled clothing

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