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Can a Parent be Charged with Child Endangerment in Maryland?

Like other states, Maryland can force a parent to face criminal charges in a situation that is deemed to be child endangerment. In most cases, charges are initiated after someone like a teacher or medical professional makes a report to the police or Child Services. In order to defend yourself against charges of child endangerment, you need to contact a skilled Charles County criminal defense attorney right away.

How the Arrest Process Works in Child Endangerment Cases

There could be several different matters that you are dealing with when you are arrested and charged with child endangerment in Maryland. One of these is the fact that you are being arrested for a criminal charge and need to defend yourself and your parenting in a court of law. In addition, you also have the Department of Social Services to deal with, which will likely step in and remove your child, at least while the case is pending.

When DSS removes a child from a parent’s custody, it can be extremely terrifying. In many cases, your child might be handed over to another family member, but there is also a chance that the child may go into the foster care system. This is why it is so important to have a skilled attorney representing you. DSS will have their own protocols to follow in determining how to keep the child safe and what the circumstances are that might allow you to be reunited with your children.

In some cases, there may be a pending civil matter, as well, either at the same time as or following the criminal child endangerment case. This may be to terminate your parental rights. At the Law Offices of Robert R. Castro, we have years of experience handling both criminal matters and family law disputes. We can help you get through a criminal or civil matter, depending on the circumstances of your individual case.

Is Child Endangerment a Misdemeanor or a Felony Charge?

The charges will determine whether or not the case is a misdemeanor or felony. If neglect is alleged, it could be a misdemeanor and carry a shorter potential jail sentence and/or fine. Neglect would be the intentional failure to provide the necessary items that are needed by your child. If the charges include allegations of child abuse, it will be a felony and can carry a longer prison sentence.

If there are allegations of sexual abuse, the charges would be a felony and the alleged perpetrator would be charged with felony sexual abuse of a minor. He or she could be facing a prison sentence of up to 25 years.

Important of Hiring a Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney

Hiring a skilled Charles County criminal defense attorney is important no matter whether you are being charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. Even a misdemeanor can result in lifelong problems and consequences. Do not leave your future to chance by relying on a public defender or going at it alone, let an experienced litigator protect your rights. Contact the Law Offices of Robert R. Castro today at 301-705-5137 to schedule an initial consultation.