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Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Charles County Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges in Charles County, you will want to find the best attorney for your particular situation. You should hire someone who has experience in the courtroom and is competent. Minor criminal charges can carry long-term consequences, so do not take even a misdemeanor charge lightly. Choosing the right attorney can make the difference between serving some jail time or getting your case dismissed entirely.

Here are some of the top mistakes people make when choosing a Charles County criminal defense attorney.

Choosing the Wrong Kind of Attorney

To start, asking the attorney who helped you in your divorce is not a wise course of action. Perhaps he or she has handled a few criminal cases, but you want someone who specializes in this type of law. These are the attorneys who are on top of the latest laws and legal procedures. They also will have the most experience with the judges and prosecutors who will be trying your case.

Not Choosing an Attorney You Feel Comfortable With

You need to feel comfortable with the criminal attorney you retain. It is not uncommon to meet with several attorneys before making a decision. This is a huge deal in your life, and attorneys understand that you want to find the person who can best represent you against these criminal charges.

Not Asking the Right Questions

Ask if the attorney you are meeting with is the one who will be handling your case. You might get a great vibe during your meeting, only to find out later that he or she is a senior partner and will be farming most of the work off to a junior associate. You should ask about the prior cases the attorney has handled and what the results were. It is not helpful if you need a drug crimes defense attorney, and he or she claims to be one, but has lost every case he or she has ever handled.

Hiring an Attorney Who is Not Available

When you are asking questions, be sure to include what their caseload is like and how quickly they return clients’ calls. If they are swamped with several hundred cases and 20 upcoming trials, you might want to think about alternative options. While it is great that they are so busy, it could mean that your case does not get the full attention it deserves, or that they will not answer your call when you need them.

Not Confirming Fee Structure

Failure to confirm a fee structure is another mistake people make. Do not assume that criminal attorneys work on contingency or that the hourly rate is lower than it actually is. Attorneys can often find a way to work with you, but if you do not inquire about the fee structure up front and be honest on what you can afford, then you could be in for an expensive surprise.

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