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If I Want to Plead Guilty, Do I Still Need a Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Yes, even if you want or plan to plead guilty to criminal charges, you still need the legal advice and counsel of experienced and courtroom-proven Maryland criminal defense lawyers. To begin, the criminal defense lawyers at the Law Office of Robert Castro want to ask: “Why do you want to plead guilty?” Let’s explore some possible answers and explain why you still need seasoned and skilled criminal defense attorneys.

Maybe you “did the crime” and you want to accept responsibility. Okay, that is fine and laudable. But, a criminal case is not just about guilt and innocence. Equally as important is the sentencing phase. So, you are willing to go to prison and pay the fine. But, there is NO reason to accept the maximum sentence and pay the maximum fine. Your willingness to express remorse and responsibility is a valuable tool in a potential plea bargain that can result in lesser charges and/or a reduced sentence and/or a financially viable fine. Remorse is also a factor in sentencing. You need experienced criminal defense attorneys to help navigate these legal issues and lower your sentence and fine.

Maybe you think: “I have no money and can’t afford a criminal defense team.” Pleading guilty can ruin the rest of your life. Even a suspended sentence will make your life very difficult and the fines can cause financial distress for years to come. Money should not be a barrier to retaining your freedom. And, there are options. First, there are some not-for-profit legal organizations that provide some legal help at no cost. Second, you can ask the court for a public defender. Third, you might be able to use credit cards or borrow from family and friends. It is not that expensive to get some basic counsel and guidance from a Maryland criminal defense attorney before you decide to plead guilty.

Maybe you think the charges are minor and “no big deal.” Again, that is not true. Any criminal conviction will impact your life. Further, if you are arrested again, your previous conviction will greatly impact your next case. Talk with a Maryland criminal defense lawyer before you decide to plead guilty.

Maybe you think that the police have all the evidence and you have no hope of winning. This is not true since there is always hope. First, do the police have all the evidence they need? Maybe some of that evidence can be excluded from use at your trial because the evidence is tainted by violations of your constitutional rights. If that happens, then the prosecutors do NOT have all the evidence they need. Second, do you know what the prosecutors have to prove — beyond a reasonable doubt — to obtain a conviction? For example, how many legal elements do the prosecutors have to prove? Do the prosecutors have all the evidence they need on ALL the elements? To answer these questions, you need a Maryland criminal defense attorney. Finally, there is ALWAYS hope of winning. A JURY decides guilt or innocence, not the police, the prosecutors, or the judge. Talk with a Maryland criminal defense law firm before you decide to plead guilty.

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