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Maryland Criminal Defense: Theft Crimes in Charles County, MD

Like everywhere else, it is a crime in Maryland to steal things of value — including services — that are not your own. Stealing is generally called theft or larceny. In Maryland, the level of punishment for theft is based on the value of the items or services that have been stolen. See MD Crim. Code, § 7-104.

The basic rule is that anything stolen that is valued at less than $1,500 is considered a misdemeanor crime; anything stolen with a value of over $1,500 is considered a felony crime. This applies to stealing something from a store (shoplifting), stealing a motor vehicle, or robbing a bank. In this article, we will discuss simple types of theft that do not, for example, involve breaking and entering into a home or building or theft accomplished by threats, intimidation, or use of weapons. If you have been arrested for theft — at any level — you need to hire a tough and aggressive Maryland criminal defense lawyer like the ones at the Law Office of Robert Castro. Call us at (301) 705-5137. We are available around the clock, 24/7.

The punishments for theft in Maryland are as follows (based on value):

  • Value is up to $100 — up to 90 days in jail, up to a fine of $500, and shall restore the property taken to the owner or pay the owner the value of the property or services (“restoration”)
  • From $100 to $1,500 — up to six months in jail and up to a fine of $500 for a first offense and up to one year in jail for a second or subsequent offense, and restoration in all cases
  • From $1,500 to $25,000 — up to five years incarceration, up to a fine of $10,000, and restoration
  • From $25,000 to $100,000 — up to 10 years incarceration, a fine of up to $15,000, and restoration
  • Over $100,000 — up to 20 years of incarceration, a fine of up to $25,000, and restoration

In Maryland, theft can take several forms, including taking of the property of another without consent, taking property (or obtaining unauthorized control over property) through fraud or deception, and/or concealing or abandoning property if such is intended to deprive the owner of the property.

Theft is an intentional crime. Thus, one possible criminal is to demonstrate that there was no intent. In Maryland, “intent” for theft crimes has two aspects. First, an intent to obtain control over the property of another AND intent to deprive the owner of the property. So, a conviction can be defeated if the government cannot prove intent for both aspects of any theft crime.

Theft in Maryland can also be charged where a person is in possession of the following:

  • Stolen property
  • Property mislaid, lost, or delivered by mistake where the accused knows or learns the identity of the owner or fails to take reasonable measures to find the owner and intents to deprive the owner of the property

As noted, Maryland also makes it a crime to steal services.

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