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Medical Marijuana is Big Business in Maryland

Medical marijuana is big business in Maryland. According to statistics compiled by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC), which is the agency responsible for licensing, registering, inspecting, and testing measures that apply to Maryland’s medical cannabis program, total medical cannabis dispensary retail sales from December 2018 through December 2019 approached $270 million. For the same time period, MMCC statistics indicate that there were over 35,000 pounds of medical marijuana sold in flower form, and the total sale of cannabis-infused products was more than 2.5 million

Also, according to, the estimated 2019 Maryland medical marijuana tax revenue was more than double the total tax revenue amount for 2018, and almost four times the amount of the total medical marijuana tax revenue in Maryland for 2017.

Where to Get Medical Marijuana in Maryland

The MMCC maintains a dispensary list on its website, divided by county. Most of the medical marijuana dispensaries in Maryland are located within higher population areas, such as Baltimore City (9), Baltimore County (17), and Montgomery County (19).

As of October 2019, the MMCC website lists three dispensaries in Charles County, eight in Prince George’s County, one in Calvert County and one in St. Mary’s County. An interactive dispensary map is provided on the MMCC website.

What Requirements are Imposed on Licensed Dispensaries?

Subtitle 33 of Title 13 of Maryland’s General Health Law Article contains some specific provisions that apply to dispensaries. Among these specific laws and regulations are:

Dispensaries must be licensed. In order to obtain a license, an applicant for a dispensary in Maryland must provide the following materials and information to the MMCC:

  • The application fee (future licensing fees will also apply)
  • The license application, including
    • The name and address of the proposed dispensary
    • The name, address, and date of birth of the dispensary’s principal officers and directors
    • The dispensary’s operating procedures

A person cannot have an ownership interest in or have control of more than four dispensaries. Various reporting requirements are imposed on dispensaries under state law. Dispensaries are also subject to inspection by the state.

Once an initial dispensary license is issued, it is valid for six years. A renewed dispensary license is valid for four years.

Amounts of Medical Cannabis that May be Dispensed

According to the MMCC, different ceiling amounts that apply to the amount of medical cannabis and medical cannabis infused products that may be dispensed by a licensed dispensary. The 30-day supply ceiling limits for medical marijuana in Maryland are:

For More information on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Maryland

The laws that apply to Maryland medical marijuana dispensaries must be considered together with other rules, regulations and restrictions that the state imposes on the use and availability of medical marijuana. For more information about these restrictions and requirements, or other questions about the law and medical marijuana use in Maryland, contact the expert criminal defense team at the Law Office of Robert R. Castro.