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Ways You Can Accidentally Incriminate Yourself in a Maryland Criminal Case

Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming. You are likely stressed out and concerned about your future. It is easy to let your nerves get the best of you. This can lead to you saying something that you should not. In some cases, accidental comments can actually incriminate you. This is why it is so important to speak with a Charles County criminal defense attorney right away. Even the simple act of saying you are sorry can be used against you, including in personal injury claims.

Here is a look at several ways you can accidentally incriminate yourself.

Your Social Media Posts

Social media posts can get you in trouble numerous ways — including personal injury cases, family law matters, and criminal charges. In many cases, social media can do more harm than good. The most simple updates, photos, and location check-ins can inadvertently provide incriminating evidence that the prosecution can use against you, even if it is just to poke holes in your alibi. If your posts reveal any further criminal activity, they may opt to add additional charges, too. Do not assume that by keeping your profile on private you are safe. Nothing is ever 100% private or deleted, so do not rely on those two factors to protect you.

Conversations Had in Jail

If you have spent any time in jail during the proceedings, you should be extremely careful of what you say to anyone. This includes conversations you have with other people who might offer to trade information for assistance in their own case. The biggest mistake people make is thinking that their conversations with family members are private.

All phone calls are recorded. This means the prosecution could get ahold of your calls and use information from those against you. If you say something to someone on the phone, the prosecution might try to turn that person against you and encourage them to testify for the prosecution. In some cases, they may even offer to give up the information voluntarily.

Misplacing Trust

Be cautious about conversations you have with the police. It is common for officers to pretend to be friends with you in order to lure you into admitting something that will hurt your case. Officers try to be friendly in order to earn your trust because they want you to say something that will help them make their case against you.

They might use tactics that lead you to believe that they are trying to help you avoid more severe consequences. They may even lie about the evidence they have against you. If you confess, then they can skip the whole trial process. This is why you should not speak with an officer without your Maryland criminal defense attorney present.

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