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Were You Charged With a Different Crime Than What You Are Being Convicted Of?

If you live in or near Waldorf, Maryland and you’ve been convicted of a crime, then you obviously need adequate legal representation. It’s a fact that people being accused of crimes typically receive more lenient sentences with an experienced lawyer representing them than if they take their chances without an attorney, even if it’s not a person’s first offense. The Law Office of Robert Castro can provide you with the best criminal defense lawyer Waldorf MD has. If you discover that you’re being charged with a different crime than what you were convicted of, then there is obviously a major problem that needs fixing. However, without an aggressive, knowledgeable and experienced attorney to assist you, you will have little chance of being treated fairly.

Your rights when being convicted of a crime in the state of Maryland

The state of Maryland protects individuals that are being convicted of a crime, as anyone being convicted of a crime has rights, regardless of what they’re being convicted of. One very important right that those being convicted of crimes have is the right to be aware of the specific crime you’re being accused of. As a result, in the state of Maryland, if you’re charged with one crime, then you cannot legally be convicted of another crime, even if it’s a very similar crime, as the charge and conviction need to be for exactly the same crime. However, without one or more adequate criminal defense lawyers in Maryland, then it can be easy for you to be taken advantage of and convicted of a crime that you didn’t even commit.

How criminal lawyers in Waldorf MD can help you

Instead of being bullied by the legal system and forced to possibly receive a more severe sentence than you deserve, you should opt for retaining the services of a Waldorf criminal defense lawyer. The Waldorf criminal lawyer that you choose can help you in many ways. First of all, the attorney can provide representation for you and he or she will prevent the legal system from taking advantage of you. Depending on the crime that you are accused of committing, the criminal lawyers in Waldorf MD may be able to possibly get the case thrown out since you’re being convicted and charged with different crimes when only one crime was committed. Of course, there’s no guarantee that the case will be thrown out just because you have a great attorney, but your attorney will do whatever he or she can to fight for you in whatever way necessary.

Other ways an attorney can assist you

Most people being accused of crimes aren’t aware of their rights, so it would be easy for a person to accept a court-appointed attorney who isn’t likely to inform them of their rights. In fact, many court-appointed lawyers have recently passed their BAR exams and lack not only experience, but also the knowledge of certain laws and rights. So, it’s not that court-appointed attorneys are purposefully trying to withhold pertinent information from you or other clients, but in most cases, these inexperienced lawyers simply don’t know as much as private criminal attorneys in Maryland do.

Therefore, an experienced attorney like those from the Law Office of Robert Castro, can advise you of all your rights. This type of attorney will do whatever is necessary to ensure that you aren’t taken advantage of and that you receive a fair trial and/or sentencing.

As you can see, the legal system in any state, even the state of Maryland, can be pretty flawed and inconsistent. The legal system can sometimes have the charges so misconstrued that a person could be convicted of a completely different crime than the crime that they were charged with. Not only is it illegal for such an occurrence to be allowed, but without a knowledgeable and experienced Waldorf criminal attorney by your side, it can be easy for the system to take advantage of you and cause you to end up with a more severe punishment and conviction than you deserve. This is why it’s imperative that you not settle for a court-appointed attorney, because these attorneys are often inexperienced, which prevents them from being able to help you like experienced Maryland criminal defense lawyers can.