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What are My Criminal Rights if Arrested in Waldorf, Maryland?

If you are arrested for a crime in Waldorf, Maryland, or in any other part of Southern Maryland, know that you have many rights that are protected by both the federal and the Maryland Constitutions. One set of rights is called your Miranda rights. But there are many others, and it is important for you to know your rights and know how NOT to waive those rights. If you have been arrested, the first thing is to remain calm, then assert your rights and then call a team of experienced and courtroom-proven Maryland criminal defense lawyers like the ones at the Law Office of Robert Castro. Call us at (301) 705-5137. We are available around the clock, 24/7. Here is a brief list of your criminal rights in Maryland.

Right to Remain Silent

This is one part of your Miranda rights. The right to remain silent means you DO NOT have to answer questions posed by the police. So, if you are arrested, exercise your rights and do not answer questions or say anything to the law enforcement officials (or the police at the station or the prosecuting attorneys or anyone) until your attorney is present. Whatever you say can and will be used against you at your criminal trial. The right to remain silent is the key part of your right against self-incrimination.

Right to an Attorney

This is the other part of your Miranda rights. Every person arrested has a right to legal representation in ALL aspects of the criminal trial. This applies to any questioning and any hearing before a criminal court judge. Your Miranda rights must be read to you by the arresting police officers. If they fail to do so, then it is possible that evidence can be excluded from being used at your trial.

Right to Be Free From Unreasonable Searches

When you are arrested, generally, you have a general right NOT to be searched and NOT to have your possessions seized. There are a number of exceptions. So, the police can do a “pat down” search to make sure you do not have any weapons. The police can also do a visual search of your car (if the arrest is made pursuant to a traffic stop) or your immediate surroundings. The police must get permission from a judge to conduct a more thorough search. Do NOT waive your rights to be free from searches. Do NOT say it is “okay” for the police to search a locked trunk or glove box, to search under the seats in your car, to search your pockets and clothes, to search a backpack/briefcase, or search your phone.

Right to a Phone Call

As part of these other rights, you have a right to make a local phone call when you are at the police station. This ensures that you are able to call a lawyer, a family member, or a friend so that you can obtain a lawyer and let your loved ones know where you are. Note that the police DO “listen in” on most phone calls (although they are not allowed to “listen in” on calls made to attorneys).

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