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What are the Hallmarks of Good Waldorf, Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyers?

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Waldorf, Maryland, your best chance of “beating” the charge and/or getting the lowest possible punishment is to hire a good Maryland criminal defense attorney. We think you should call us here at the Law Office of Robert Castro. Our number is (301) 705-5137. We are available around the clock, 24/7.

But you may be wondering what makes a good Maryland criminal defense lawyer. Here are our thoughts on that question.

First, if you are conducting an internet search for the “best,” then you want a Maryland criminal defense attorney who knows Maryland criminal laws. That may sound obvious, but not every lawyer will have the depth of knowledge to understand how the criminal law works, how each criminal charge is different, how crimes can be “nested” so that three charges might really be only one charge at various levels, and how each charge must be proved by the Maryland prosecuting attorneys beyond a reasonable doubt. Every criminal charge has a number of elements that must be proven by the prosecuting attorneys. That is crucial to understand because each element provides a potential criminal defense. To obtain a conviction, the prosecutors MUST prove each element. Failure to prove an element means no conviction. Thus, in a given case, the best defense may be to focus on the weakest element of the prosecutor’s case.

Second, the hallmark of a top-tier Maryland criminal defense law firm is knowing Maryland criminal procedures and rules of evidence. The rules of procedure and evidence are separate and distinct from the criminal laws and, potentially, provide separate and distinct methods of defending your criminal charge or charges. For example, the Maryland Rules of Criminal Evidence mandate that every piece of evidence presented by the prosecutors must have a “proper foundation.” This is crucial for documents, for example. If the document being used by the prosecutors does not have a proper foundation, then the document must be excluded as evidence by the judge. That document may be crucial to the prosecution’s case, and by getting that document excluded, the prosecution’s case may be severely damaged. This may lead to a dismissal or to an acquittal. There are a number of other ways to get evidence excluded and courtroom-proven Maryland criminal defense attorneys know all the methods.

Another hallmark of seasoned Maryland criminal defense attorneys is knowing the practical aspects of the Maryland criminal justice system. For example, in any case, there is an opportunity to discuss a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorneys. There is a certain “art” to such negotiations and only the most experienced criminal defense lawyers know how to get the “deal” that is optimal for their clients. As another example, Maryland criminal court judges have histories and individual “reputations” as “law and order” or “lenient,” etc. Knowing those reputations is important in planning defense strategies and tactics.

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