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    • What are the Hallmarks of Good Waldorf, Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyers?

      If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Waldorf, Maryland, your best chance of “beating” the charge and/or getting the lowest possible punishment is to hire a good Maryland criminal defense attorney. We think you should call us here at the Law Office of Robert Castro. Our number is (301) 705-5137. We […]

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    • Sexual Battery Charges in Charles County, Maryland

      Sexual assault and sexual battery are called “sexual offenses” in Maryland. There are four levels of sexual offenses in Maryland, with harsh penalties imposed on those convicted. Md. Crim. Code, §§ 3-305-308. Typically, the Maryland prosecuting attorneys will charge all degrees of sexual offense since the less severe charges are lesser-included offenses. For example, prosecutors […]

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    • Maryland Criminal Defense: Defending Auto Theft Charges in Charles County, Maryland

      Stealing a motor vehicle is a crime in Maryland. If you are arrested for auto theft, likely, the Maryland prosecuting attorneys will charge you under two main criminal statutes: one applicable to theft in general (Md. Crim. Code, § 7-104) and the statute specific to auto theft (Md. Crim. Code, § 7-105). Under the auto […]

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  • DUI
    • Charles County, MD DUI Conviction: How Will I Get to Work if My Driver’s License is Suspended?

      In some DUI cases, it is possible to obtain a “hardship license” if your regular driver’s license has been suspended because of a DUI conviction. Avoiding the suspension of your driver’s license is one reason that you should hire experienced Charles County, Maryland, criminal defense attorneys to defend your DUI charges. At a minimum, your […]

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    • Commercial Driver DUI: The Long-Term Effects

      There’s nothing quite as daunting as dealing with the aftermath of a DUI accident, particularly one involving a commercial driver. DUI in a commercial vehicle often results in severe, life-altering injuries. These range from fractures and burns to spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. The impact of such injuries goes beyond immediate physical harm; […]

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    • Out-of-State DUI: We Can Help Defend Your Rights

      The complexities of an out-of-state DUI in Maryland can make the situation nerve-wracking. The cross-jurisdictional implications can complicate your defense, and the potential penalties could include fines, imprisonment, or suspension of your driver’s license in both Maryland and your home state. Despite these challenges, hope is far from lost. This article will provide you with […]

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