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Assault Defense Lawyer in St. Marys County MD

Assault is such a serious issue that can change your entire life. When you are accused of assault it can change your relationships, it can make it hard to get a job, and it can also send you to prison. When dealing with assault charges, it is important to take the time to get a great lawyer like those at the Law Office of Robert Castro, an assault defense lawyer in St. Marys County MD.

Types of Assault Cases

There are a few different types of assault cases that we help to defend against. We work with those that have been charged with aggravated assault, we work with those that have been charged with assault with a firearm, domestic violence, first-degree assault, and even second-degree assault.

We work to help you truly fight these charges and to really get to the root of your charges and what it was that caused you to be charged as such. Your St. Marys County MD criminal lawyer can better explain the charges.

What Constitutes Assault in Maryland?

The term assault refers to any touching or attempted touching of another person without their consent. This can be instances in which the person is afraid that some sort of touch may occur, even if it has not happened yet.

Consequences For Assault

There are instances in which you can go to jail, you can end up having to do community service, you might not get to see your kids, and so on. The severity of your punishment does have to do with the crime, how many times you have offended, and so on. Your St. Marys County MD assault defense attorney can help you better understand the charges against you and what penalties you might be facing as well.

Why Choose Us to Defend Your Rights?

There are plenty of reasons that we can help you fight for your rights. We have years of combined experience and are dedicated to ensuring you have the best chance at being found as innocent as possible.

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