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Charles County MD Drug Crimes Attorney

Being charged with a drug crime can be truly detrimental to your life. It can change your ability to get a job, it can affect personal relationships, and it can make life difficult. Keeping this in mind, the law office of Robert Castro has a team of drug crimes attorneys in Charles County MD to help you fight your charges.

Common Drug Charges

There is a range of common drug charges that you might be charged with. The most common is possession, there is also delivery, distribution, manufacture, and even drug trafficking which can be very serious indeed. These are all charges that can change your entire life and that can complicate things from here on out.

Crimes Related to Drugs

There are also crimes that are related to drugs that you might be charged with. You may be charged with possession, with manufacturing, distributing and so on. You may not even be using any of the drugs, but when you are near someone that is using drugs or that has them in their possession, you may have to deal with these charges as well.

Penalties for Drug Crimes

There are various penalties for drug crimes that relate to the crime, to the amount of any drug that is involved, and to the overall number of times that you have offended. Your Charles County MD drug crimes attorney can better explain your charges and figure out what is going on and what you might be charged with.

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