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Leonardtown MD Drug Crimes Attorney

Drug crimes are especially hard to overcome and can damage your entire life. They can make it hard to obtain employment, and hard to get housing and they can change your personal life as well. The law office of Robert Castro is a fantastic drug crimes attorney in Leonardtown MD.

Common Drug Charges

Some of the most common drug charges are going to be possession charges. There are also distribution charges, intent to sell, and even charges for possessing paraphernalia. Your Leonardtown MD drug crimes attorney can help you better understand the charges that are leveled against you and can help you fight them.

Crimes Related to Drugs

There are plenty of crimes that are related to drugs including possessing them, being with someone that is selling them, distributing them, and so on. Your Leonardtown MD criminal defense lawyer can help you better understand what is going on and help you understand what charges you are facing as well as possible penalties that you might be facing.

Penalties for Drug Crimes

Penalties for drug-related crimes have to do with the number of times you have offended, how much you have in your possession, and what you were doing with the drugs as well. You can end up doing jail time, you can end up serving community service and you may even end up getting tickets and fines.

Why Choose Us to Defend Your Rights?

At the law office of Robert Castro, we have the ability and the experience that is needed to ensure that you are fairly represented and that you have a fair shot at getting out of your charges. We work to help you build a case that is going to be sound. We can help you work around the charges that you have been charged with and we can also help you to get a reduced sentence and figure out your next steps.

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We are here for you and we are going to work to help you get the best outcome possible.

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