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Lexington Park MD Drug Crimes Attorney

Maryland is known for quite a few things, including its harsh drug crime penalties. Forgetting to take your child’s old medicine out of your purse can quickly be misunderstood as intent to sell. Whether drug charges are possession or trafficking often depends on the opinion of the officers. That is why you need to hire an experienced Lexington Park MD Drug Crimes Attorney as soon as you’re arrested.

Common Drug Charges

Possession and possession of drug paraphernalia are the most common drug charges. These often consist of a simple fine for a first-time offense. However, a second offense has the potential of leading to jail time. However, this also depends on the substance that a person is in possession of.

Crimes Related to Drugs

Other drug charges are also seen regularly. Trafficking is a common charge if a person has a large amount of a substance on them, even if it’s for personal use. Individuals can even be charged with manufacturing and conspiracy. As soon as you are charged with drug crimes, it’s critical to work with a Drug Crimes Attorney in Lexington Park MD that has experience in drug crime cases.

Penalties For Drug Crimes

Penalties for drug crimes can consist of everything from a fine to serving jail time. These sentences can disrupt your life. A conviction may make it impossible to enjoy certain rights and may result in you losing your job. Instead of taking a risk with an inexperienced attorney, find a reputable Lexington Park MD Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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