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Keeping Criminal Records out of Public Access

By filing a successful claim with the Court, you can have criminal records expunged from the court, police, and Motor Vehicle Administration files. It can be helpful to have your records expunged to prevent being omitted from employment or housing opportunities in the future. A competent Waldorf criminal defense lawyer can help to have your records expunged. The Law Office of Robert R. Castro has helped many clients have successful results with the Court.

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Eligibility for Expungement

You can be eligible to have records expunged if:

  • Three years have passed
  • You were never formally charged after an arrest
  • Your trial resulted in a not guilty verdict
  • Charges you faced were not prosecuted or dismissed

The Expungement Process

When you are interested in expunging your records the appropriate authority or administration needs to be contacted. There can be particular forms or process for having records expunged, most of these will also require the attachment of other documents. The guidance of an accomplished Waldorf expungement attorney can help ensure that your records are successfully sealed from public record. By having records expunged, you can make sure you don’t miss out on student or personal loans, requesting licenses, housing accommodations, or future jobs.

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Our firm at The Law Office of Robert R. Castro can provide effective legal guidance that is focused on making sure your records are successful expungement. Attorney Castro has been helping clients with legal services for more than two decades. With his experience, he can provide you with an honest assessment of your chances of obtaining an expungement.

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