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Leonardtown MD Traffic Defense Attorney

If you find yourself in a legal situation and you are facing court or jail time, you need help. You need an attorney that will fight for your rights. The Law Office of Robert Castro represents a vast majority of clients0 who find themselves charged with traffic violations and other things. Whether you are charged with running a red light, a stop sign, or speeding down the highway, we will represent you in a court of law. If you are caught driving without a license, or under the influence, we will carefully evaluate your case, and determine the best course of defense.

A Leonardtown MD Criminal Defense Attorney will handle your case with speed and accuracy. Our team of attorneys can interpret the law, so it works out in your best interest. No one understands how the law in Leonardtown works, but a lawyer who has studied the law in MD.

We Represent Clients Charged with Criminal Traffic Violations

Traffic law involves many statutes and each carries consequences. We can negotiate the best outcome, and help you work out a payment plan if it is an option. We will not hesitate to face your accuser. If you feel that you do not need a traffic lawyer, think again. Tickets are serious, and sometimes they can lead to serious charges, jail time, or prison time, depending on the crime.

We Can Help

We can save you time and money. Not every attorney is experienced in some areas of traffic law, and how it works. At the Law Office of Robert Castro, we have the best traffic defense criminal defense attorney in the city. We take our commitment to helping you to heart. If you are faced with a felony, we look at the sentencing guidelines, and we negotiate other means to compensate. Nothing is more frightening than facing a judge, a jury, and a court system that does not have your best interest at hand. Turn to a traffic Defense Attorney in Leonardtown MD for the help you need. Give us a call at 301-705-5137 for a case evaluation.