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Prince Frederick Maryland Criminal Lawyer

You might have learned from your mistakes, but if those mistakes resulted in a guilty plea or a conviction at a jury trial in criminal court, they could follow you around for a long time, possibly for the rest of your life. Every time you do something that requires a background check, such as leasing an apartment or applying for a job, especially one with a security clearance, a criminal conviction from many years ago can come back to haunt you. If you get arrested and charged with a crime, there are still many procedural steps where things could go either way, so you might not end up serving a sentence or getting a conviction on your record. It may be possible to get the charges dropped, to go to trial and get acquitted, or to negotiate a plea deal and end up with a conviction or sentence less serious than the one you originally could have faced. A Prince Frederick Maryland criminal attorney can help you navigate the labyrinth of the criminal court system.

Prince Frederick Maryland Criminal Lawyer

Movies, scripted dramas, and documentaries make criminal law look complicated; in reality, it is even more complicated than it looks, although most of the complexities do not involve a defense lawyer surprising the judge and prosecution in the courtroom at the last minute. For example, even if the pills in your pants pocket were illegal drugs, and even if the pants belonged to you and no one else had ever worn them, the court cannot convict you unless the police had the right to search the pockets of your clothing. Jury selection also makes a big difference in cases that go to trial. Likewise, if the prosecution does not disclose to your Prince Frederick Maryland criminal lawyer every piece of evidence they have found that could weigh in your favor, it is not a fair trial.

Too often, judges and prosecutors act based on a desire to appear tough on crime, and they are willing to throw you under the bus to do it. In other words, they have motives other than the pursuit of justice, whereas a criminal lawyer in Prince Frederick Maryland does. Robert R. Castro has been practicing law in Maryland for over 29 years, and he has represented thousands of defendants in criminal cases. The best way to ensure that your right to due process in a criminal case is respected is to contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can after getting arrested. With the help of your Calvert County criminal defense lawyer, your chances are much better for staying out of jail or prison and avoiding a conviction on your record.

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