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Facing criminal charges can be daunting – but you are not alone in this fight. The Law Office of Robert Castro can guide you toward a positive outcome, and you can book your consultation today by calling (301) 705-5137. With our assistance, you can fight for your rights and explore a range of legal strategies. Whether you are facing a slap on the wrist or decades behind bars, it always makes sense to defend yourself to the best of your abilities. There is no sense in accepting needlessly excessive penalties, and even a minor charge can affect your reputation, your career opportunities, and much more.

What Should You Do After an Arrest?

If you face the possibility of an arrest, there are a few things you should know. Firstly, it is highly inadvisable to resist arrest. Fleeing or fighting with police officers will only make your situation worse. Even if you have done nothing wrong, it is best to go quietly. If police inform you that you are under arrest, there is really nothing you can do except comply. Once you are under arrest, the police will probably attempt to question you about your situation and the accusations laid against you.

The best choice is to inform the police that you wish to speak with your attorney before answering any questions. Next, inform them in clear, explicit terms that you are exercising your right to remain silent. After you make these statements, you are under no obligation to answer any questions. The police are legally obliged to let you speak with your attorney in a timely manner. When a person chooses to stay silent, it cannot be used against them as a sign of guilt. This is one of your guaranteed rights under the Constitution.

Keep in mind that officers might appear to be friendly at first, and this is often a ruse. Their goal is to encourage you to say as much as possible about the incident and the allegations laid against you. Remember, everything you say can and will be used against you. Every time you say something to the police, you run the risk of incriminating yourself and digging yourself into a deeper hole.

While resisting arrest is always the wrong decision, this does not mean that you must comply with every request or demand from the police. For example, they may ask to search your car or your home without a warrant. You are under no obligation to allow this, and your refusal cannot be used against you as a sign of guilt.

Police often request to search your property in a somewhat deceptive manner. They might imply that you do not have a choice in the matter when in fact you have the right to refuse the search. For example, they might say something like “We’re going to need to search your car.” This is actually a request to search your property, but it sounds like you do not have a choice in the matter. Another common phrase is, “You don’t mind if we take a look inside, do you?” This implies that refusing the search is unreasonable when in fact, they have no right to conduct the search without your consent.

Common Defense Strategies 

There are many potential defense strategies that can help you avoid unnecessary legal consequences:

  • Self-Defense: This is a popular defense strategy in cases involving violent crimes, such as murder. Mississippi allows people to defend themselves and others with proportional force if they face imminent harm. For example, you might have shot someone who was breaking into your home while brandishing a deadly weapon.
  • Constitutional Violations: If the police violate your constitutional rights during the arrest or in the moments leading up to the arrest, your charges must be dismissed. For example, a police officer might pull you over for no reason and search your vehicle despite your refusal. Even if they find drugs or other illegal items, you cannot be charged.
  • Insanity: The insanity defense only applies in very specific situations, but it may allow you to avoid serious penalties.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Defense Lawyer in Waldorf?

If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced criminal defense lawyer in Waldorf, look no further than the Law Office of Robert Castro. Although internet research can provide you with basic information, only a real lawyer can guide you toward a positive outcome. Time is of the essence if you are facing criminal charges, so book your consultation today to get started with a solid defense strategy. During your consultation, we can assess your unique situation and determine the best course of action. Reach out today.

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