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I Am Innocent: Why Should I Hire a Waldorf Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime here in Waldorf, Maryland, or elsewhere in Southern Maryland, you should hire an experienced and top-tier criminal defense attorney, EVEN IF you are innocent. There are many reasons, which we will discuss below. Even if you do not want to call for a consultation with the Maryland criminal defense attorneys here at the Law Office of Robert Castro, you need to call another talented criminal defense attorney.

Why? First, you say you are innocent, and you really believe you are innocent. But, are you?

Criminal law in Maryland is complicated, and “innocence” is not always clear. For example, if you are charged with rape, many think that consent is an absolute defense. But “consent” is clearly defined in Maryland criminal law, and “consent” means certain things under the law. “Consent” may NOT be what you think it does. Statutory rape is another example. Statutory rape is having sexual relations with a person under the age of 16. Maybe the alleged victim said he or she was over the age of 16, and you think you are innocent because you believed what the alleged victim said. But, sadly, your belief about the alleged victim’s age is NOT a defense. As yet another example, maybe you are charged with assault here in Charles County. You believe you are innocent because “I was only defending myself.” But, self-defense has a very nuanced meaning under Maryland criminal statutes. As a final example, writing a bad check is a crime in Maryland. But you say it was a “mistake, and I made good on the check.” Depending on the facts of your case, that might not be a defense to the charge.

There are other reasons that hiring a Maryland criminal defense attorney is crucial. If you are representing yourself, then statements you make to the police and prosecuting attorneys can be used against you at your trial. However, this is not true for what your criminal defense lawyer says on your behalf. Even a “frank discussion” with the prosecuting attorneys cannot be used at your trial.

In addition, criminal procedure is complicated. Seasoned and court-room tested Maryland criminal defense lawyers know the procedures. Do you know how to file Motions and ask your judge for various forms of relief? Do you know how to file a Motion to exclude potential evidence from your trial? Do you know how to obtain discovery? Do you know how to lay the foundation for documents at trial that might prove your innocence?

Further, even innocent people can get convicted. You do not want to take the chance. You do not want to risk your freedom and your future.

Finally, innocent people need allies in court and allies against government prosecutors. For example, a prosecutor might offer a plea bargain deal. Maybe they will be “nice” and explain everything truthfully and in a manner that you can understand. But they have no obligation to do so. Plus, will you know that the plea bargain is a “good” one? Hiring a talented Maryland criminal defense attorney gives you an ally who will fight for you, someone that knows the criminal justice system, and who will provide you with information so YOU prove your innocence and go free.

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